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Disc Brake - Tektro Orion 4P HD-M745

Disc Brakes

Product Details


High power and controllable braking system
Open System, 4 piston
Easy Installation, Adjustment And Maintenance

  • Lever: Forged aluminum lever with two piece hinged cast aluminum bracket, 2 finger blade with reach ajustment.  Can Be Combined With I-SpecII® Or Matchmaker®
  • Caliper: 4 Piston Forged Aluminum Body.  Pads can be easliy replaced from the top of the caliper.
  • Pads: High Performance Metal Ceramic compound
  • Fluid: Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil, Excellent Heat Expansion Properties
  • Weight: Front Wheel - 251 Grams / Rear Wheel - 271 Grams  (Excludes Rotor, Adapter & Mounting Bolts)

Brake sets come preassembled and pre-bled.

Code Description
TE-DB024 TEKTRO ORION 4P HD-M745 LH R180mm BLACK (Caliper, Lever, 2000mm Hose, PM) OEM
TE-DB023 TEKTRO ORION 4P HD-M745 RH FRONT BLACK (Caliper, Lever, 1900mm Hose, PM)