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Bosch - Frame Mount Battery Parts & Cables

E-Bike Batteries & Chargers

Product Details


Please see below for the full list of Bosch Frame Mount Battery parts and cables that are available.

Code Description
BOS-1270016710 Bosch Protective Cap for Charging Socket
BOS-1270593005 Bosch Lock Plate for Frame Battery
BOS-1270015660 Bosch PowerPack Frame Transport Packaging
BOS-275007426 Bosch Frame Mount Power Pack Holder Mounting Kit
BOS-275007425 Bosch Frame Mount Battery Holder Kit
BOS-1270020605 Bosch Plastic Housing Kit for Lock
BOS-1270016504 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable 220mm
BOS-1270015067 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable 310mm
BOS-1270015084 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable 520mm
BOS-1270015365 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable 820mm
BOS-1270015366 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable 1100mm
BOS-1270016350 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable Nuvinvi Harmony 370mm
BOS-1270016506 Bosch PowerPack frame Y-Cable eShift 220mm
BOS-1270016361 Bosch PowerPack frame Y-Cable eShift 370mm
BOS-275007521 Bosch PowerPack Frame Dummy Battery
BOS-275007522 Bosch PowerPack Frame Dummy Battery