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Bosch - Head Unit Parts & Cables

E-Bike Head Units

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Code Description
BOS-1270016809 Bosch Locking Screw for Intuvia Display
BOS-1270016802 Bosch Rubber Spacer for Control Unit (Intuvia, Nyon)
BOS-1270016720 Bosch Set or Rubber Spacers for Display Holder (31.8mm) (Intuvia and Nyon)
BOS-1270016719 Bosch Cable Connection Mounting Kit (Intuvia, per cable)
BOS-1270016819 Bosch Purion Battery (2 pieces CR2016, 90mAh)
BOS-1270016722 Bosch Set of Rubber Spacers for Display Holder (22.2) (Intuvia and Nyon)
BOS-1270016721 Bosch Set of Rubber Spacers for Display Holder (25.4mm) (Intuvia and Nyon)
BOS-1270016831 Bosch Kiox USB Cap
BOS-1270016834 Bosch Set Rubber Spacer for Control Unit
BOS-1270020412 Bosch Mounting kit Screws (Kiox)
BOS-1270016833 Bosch Intuvia Control Unit Rocker Switch
BOS-1270016360 Bosch USB Charging Cable (Micro A - Micro B) 300mm
BOS-1270016810 Bosch Purion Design Mask (Platinum)
BOS-1270016811 Bosch Purion Design Mask (Anthracite)
BOS-1270016806 Bosch Intuvia Design Mask Platinum (Active)
BOS-1270016807 Bosch Intuvia Display Holder Mounting Kit Fits 31.8 mm, 25.4 mm, 22.2 mm
BOS-1270016813 Bosch Battery Cover Purion
BOS-1270016805 Bosch Intuvia Design Mask Anthracite (Performance)
BOS-1270016822 Bosch Kiox Display Holder
BOS-1270016823 Bosch Kiox Mounting Plate
BOS-1270020912 Bosch Intuvia Display Holder 1500mm
BOS-1270016825 Bosch Drive Unit Connection Cable Long 1500mm (Kiox & Smart Phone Hub)
BOS-1270020906 Bosch Intuiva Display Platinum (Active)