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Bosch - Smartphone Hub

E-Bike Head Units

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Always connected with the digital world, even on the move: Thanks to the smartphone and COBI.Bike app, the SmartphoneHub offers eBikers a wide range of useful functions – from navigation, music control, fitness tracking and making calls to the connection to other services and apps, such as Strava or komoot. An integrated display that supplies the eBiker with the most important riding data, even without the smartphone, ensures complete flexibility. The SmartphoneHub keeps eBikers perfectly connected, even in an emergency: The COBI.Bike app and the new Help Connect premium function offer them an alert, digital companion at their side that can be relied upon to provide fast assistance if it detects that the rider may have had an accident. Makes the riding experience significantly more relaxed and a little bit smarter.

Code Description
BOS-1270020467 Bosch Screw Kit for Smartphone Hub
BOS-1270016793 Bosch Smartphone Hub USB Cap
BOS-1270020452 Bosch Smartphone Hub Clamp, 35.0 with mounting Parts
BOS-1270020451 Bosch Smartphone Hub Clamp, 31.8 with mounting Parts
BOS-1270020450 Bosch Smartphone Hub Clamp, 25.4 with mounting Parts
BOS-1270016758 Bosch Smartphone Hub Middle Bar Kit
BOS-1270016741 Bosch Smartphone Hub Rain cover for Case iPhone COBI.Bike for iPhone 6+, 7+ 8+
BOS-1270016790 Bosch Cable, Smartphone Hub Lightning
BOS-1270016791 Bosch Cable, Smartphone Hub Micro USB
BOS-1270016792 Bosch Cable, Smartphone Hub USB-C
BOS-1270016740 Bosch Smartphone Hub Rain cover for Case, COBI.Bike for iPhone 6, 7 8
BOS-1270016756 Bosch Holder for Smartphone HUB (Universal Mount)
BOS-275008948 Bosch iPhone Case COBI.Bike iPhone XR
BOS-275008946 Bosch iPhone Case COBI.Bike iPhone 6, 7, 8 incl. rain cover
BOS-1270020436 Bosch Smartphone Hub Case iPhone COBI.Bike for iPhone X
BOS-275008949 Bosch iPhone Case COBI.Bike iPhone XS Max
BOS-275008945 Bosch iPhone Case COBI.Bike iPhone 6+, 7+, 8+ incl. rain cover
BOS-275008937 Bosch Holder Smartphone Hub