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eBike ABS System

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Keeps your flow.

In the old days, many people only used the rear brake out of caution or fear. The new Bosch eBike ABS now lets you brake more safely and confidently with both brakes at the same time. It can prevent the front wheel from locking and thus help to avoid skidding. You remain safely in the saddle even during sudden heavy braking – whether you are on firm asphalt or slippery gravel paths. Because every eBike is different, there is no one-size-fits-all ABS. Instead, there's the right ABS for your eBike type, supporting your braking process in the best possible way.

Front wheel ABS

Wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of the wheels. If locking of the front wheel is anticipated during excessive braking, Bosch eBike ABS controls braking pressure and improves the riding stability and steerability of the eBike – this is particularly evident on slippery surfaces. Well-coordinated and sensitive braking behaviour significantly increases control and stability.

Rear wheel lift control

In the event of extreme overbraking of the front wheel, the intelligent Bosch eBike ABS rear wheel lift control reduces the possibility of unwanted lifting of your rear wheel. The likelihood of being ejected over the handlebar is reduced. The front brake can be used more actively and efficiently.

Retrieving braking statistics

The Kiox 300 display can be used to retrieve information about your braking behaviour. If the front brake is used, the braking distance and braking time are recorded and can be displayed; this gives you a sense of how a different surface can affect your braking distance – compare the braking distance on gravel or asphalt, for example. Analyse your braking and improve your braking performance.

ABS Cargo

The epitome of the new face of urban transport: eCargo bikes. At the same time, this type of eBike places enormous demands on the brake system. The Bosch eBike ABS provides faster, safer, and more accurate braking, even when fully loaded. This protects you, your load and other road users.

ABS Touring

Uneven road surfaces, zebra crossings and traffic lights are part and parcel of every trip.
Whether you're commuting to work, or taking some time out from the city traffic in nature at the weekend, you need brakes you can rely on. The ABS touring will allow you to brake safely and confidently.

ABS Allroad

You can ride safely even on more challenging terrain. For sporty off-road tours, ABS offers optimal brake support, delivering powerful yet natural hold on unpaved surfaces. Those who are new to eMountain biking can enjoy riding on gravel and loose surfaces.

ABS Trail

Ambitious trails, faster rides, better skills: ABS Trail is adapted to the expectations of sporty riders on demanding routes and challenging terrain. The new and revolutionary ABS from Bosch eBike Systems dispels prejudices, because it improves performance and increases riding enjoyment. You will be safely supported during challenging and sporty riding manoeuvres. And if you want to take things easy on your eMountain bike, you can easily switch to ABS Allroad in the eBike Flow app or via your Kiox 300.

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Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
BOS-EB1120000H Bosch ABS cable clip (BAS33YY) $3.50 In stock
BOS-EB11900004 Bosch Housing kit ABS, top (BAS33YY) $6.80 In stock
BOS-EB11200003 Bosch ABS housing, bottom (BAS33YY) $6.80 In stock
BOS-EB1190000B Bosch Screw kit ABS (BAS33YY) $26.40 In stock
BOS-0265011615 Bosch Wheel speed sensor ABS, 175 mm (BCH3398_175) $45.80 In stock
BOS-0265011616 Bosch Wheel speed sensor ABS, 190 mm (BCH3398_190) $45.80 In stock
BOS-EB12120003 Bosch Cable harness ABS, 1,600 mm (BCH3622_1600) $70.60 In stock
BOS-EB12120004 Bosch Cable harness ABS, 1,400 mm (BCH3622_1400) $70.60 In stock
BOS-EB12120002 Bosch Cable harness ABS, 1,800 mm (BCH3622_1800) $70.60 In stock
BOS-EB11110001 Bosch ABS control unit Tektro/TRP (BAS3321) $390.00 In stock
BOS-EB11110000 Bosch ABS control unit MAGURA (BAS3311) $390.00 In stock