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Spank - Hex Hub Adapters, Bearings and Axles


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Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
SI-HA57B SPANK HEX Rear Hub 150/157mm Alloy Axle Shaft $47.90 In stock
SI-HA57 SPANK HEX Rear Hub 135/142mm Alloy Axle Shaft $47.90 Enquire Now
SI-HA52 SPANK HEX Rear Hub QRx135/141 Adaptes $47.90 ETA 20 October 2022
SI-HA52C SPANK HEX Rear Hub 12x142/148/157 Adapters $47.90 In stock
SI-HA50C SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA50A SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA50D SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA57A SPANK HEX Boost Rear Hub Alloy Axle Shaft $47.90 In stock
SI-HA52A SPANK HEX Rear Hub 10x135 Adapters $47.90 In stock
SI-HA50B SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA51B SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA51 SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA51A SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA50 SPANK HEX $47.90 In stock
SI-HA52B SPANK HEX Rear Hub 12x135/150 Adapters $47.90 In stock
SI-HA56B SPANK HEX Rear Hub Replacement Bearings (1x 6903, 1x 6902) $59.90 In stock
SI-HA55 SPANK HEX $64.90 In stock
SI-HA55A SPANK HEX $89.90 In stock
SI-HA56 SPANK HEX Rear HG/HGR Hub Replacement Bearing Kit (1x 6903, 1x 6902, 2x 17287) $139.90 Enquire Now
SI-HA56A SPANK HEX Rear XD/XDR Hub Replacement Bearing Kit (1x 6903, 1x 6902, 3x 6803) $159.90 Enquire Now