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Race Face - ARC Offset 30/HD


Product Details


With a redesigned rim profile, the new ARC Offset rims utilize an asymmetrical design to optimize spoke tension balance, wheel durability and wheel stiffness. New 6069 Alloy provides a superior strength to weight ratio over our previous generation of ARC, significantly improving toughness. And now with our new 30mm wide Heavy Duty rim at 22mm deep, we have a rim size and width option for every tire and every riding style. Our tubeless ready bead and offest design mean these rims are ready to hit any trail with confidence. Complete your custom setup with color-matching decals available in eight color options. Decal kits sold separately.

Product Features:
Offset nipple bed for improved spoke tension balance and wheel strength/stiffness.
Tubeless ready, strong tire retention bead.
New 30mm Heavy Duty for gravity and e-bike applications - a downhill rated rim, comparable to our World Cup proven Atlas.

Specifications & Colours:
Colour: BLACK
Available Options:27.5, 29
Weight:27.5":30mm - 494g, 30mm Heavy Duty - 565g / 29": 30mm - 525g, 30mm Heavy Duty - 595gRim
Dimension: ID 30mm OD 33.5mm - ERD: 562/600, 558/596 Heavy Duty
Spokes:32, 28

Code Description
RF-PA-F60117MP2597 RF RIM DECAL KIT,MEDIUM,PURPLE (Turbine R 30, Arc Offset 30, AR Offset 30)
RF-PA-F60117MP185 RF RIM DECAL KIT,MEDIUM, RED (Turbine R 30, Arc Offset 30, AR Offset 30)
RF-PA-F60117MP021 RF RIM DECAL KIT,MEDIUM,ORANGE (Turbine R 30, Arc Offset 30, AR Offset 30)
RF-PA-F60117MP389 RF RIM DECAL KIT,MEDIUM,NEON YELLOW (Turbine R 30, Arc Offset 30, AR Offset 30)
RF-PA-F60117MP801 RF RIM DECAL KIT,MEDIUM,NEON BLUE (Turbine R 30, Arc Offset 30, AR Offset 30)
RF-PA-F60117MP802 RF RIM DECAL KIT,MEDIUM,NEON GREEN (Turbine R 30, Arc Offset 30, AR Offset 30)
RF-RM-ARCOS30-27-32H RF RIM,ARC OFFSET 30,27.5",32H,GRY (ORM19ARCOS3027.532H)
RF-RM-ARC30HD-27-32H RF RIM,ARC HEAVYDUTY 30 ,27.5",32H,GRY (ORM19ARCHD3027.532H)
RF-RM-ARCOS30-27-28H RF RIM,ARC OFFSET 30,27.5",28H,GRY (ORM19ARCOS3027.528H)