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Spank - Oozy Trail 295 BeadBite


Product Details

Spank Oozy Trail 295 Beadbite Rim

A trail rim that ticks all the boxes. SPANK Industries’ OOZY Trail 295 Rim is one of the most versatile trail rims on the market. Though built for trail, the OOZY Trail 295 rim is tough enough to handle more aggressive applications ranging from All Mountain to Enduro. Sporting a 24.5mm inner width, the OOZY Trail 295 rim is compatible with a broad range of tire sizes and profiles making it a true do it all rim solution. SPANK’s proprietary, lightweight and rigid Dynamal alloy gives the OOZY Trail 295 rim unparalleled strength at a weight competitive with carbon. As the first SPANK rim to feature SPANK’s revolutionary Bead Bite™ anti-burp technology, the OOZY Trail 295 rim set the standard for effectively preventing tire burps and restricting excessive tire rollover even at low tire pressures.


  • Key Technologies: Bead Bite™, OohBah™, Dynamal Alloy
  • Material: MGR Dynamal Alloy
  • Size (in.): 26" / 27.5" / 29"
  • Weight (g): ±450 (26") / ±470 (27.5") /± 490 (29")
  • Hole Count: 32H
  • Inner / Outer Width: 24.5 / 29.5
  • Valve: F/V Presta
  • Tubeless: Tubeless ready
  • Finish: Polish anodized, decal logos
  • ERD (mm++): 528 (26") / 555 (27.5") / 591 (29")
  • ETRTO (mm): 559x24.5 (26") / 584x24.5 (27.5") / 622x24.5 (29")
  • Discipline: Trail
Code Description
SI-RO65 SPANK Oozy Trail EVO 295 BeadBite Green Rim 27.5"/650b 32H
SI-RO27 SPANK Oozy Trail EVO 295 BeadBite Blue Rim 27.5"/650b 32H
SI-RO27A SPANK Oozy Trail EVO 295 BeadBite Blue Rim with Black Decals 27.5"/650b 32H