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Spank - Oozy Trail 345 BeadBite


Product Details


When traction is king, go wide! SPANK Industries has been an innovator in wide rim design for over a decade, and the OOZY Trail 345 Rim is the culmination of these efforts. Boasting a 30mm inner width, the OOZY Trail 345’s design optimizes performance with the widest range of tire shapes and sizes on the market. This wider internal width improves tire spread, effectively increasing traction, without squaring tire profiles excessively, which can lead to reduced manoeuvrability and cornering traction. The OOZY Trail 345 Rim combines the strength of Dynamal alloy, the stiffness of Spank’s patented Oohbah™ reverse-well profile and the enhanced tubeless performance of Bead Bite™ anti-burp rims hooks into a lightweight, trail tuned package.


  • Key Technologies: Bead Bite™, OohBah™, Dynamal Alloy
  • Material: MGR Dynamal Alloy
  • Size (in.): 27.5" / 29"
  • Weight (g): ±520 (27.5") / ±540 (29")
  • Hole Count: 32H
  • Inner / Outer Width: 30 / 34.5
  • Valve: F/V Presta
  • Tubeless: Tubeless ready
  • Finish: Shotpeen anodized, laser logos
  • ERD (mm++): 554 (27.5") / 591 (29")
  • ETRTO (mm): 584x30 (27.5") / 622x30 (29")
  • Discipline: Trail


Code Description
SI-RO64 SPANK Oozy Trail 345 BeadBite Rim Micro-Peen Black/Green 27.5" 32H
SI-RO60 SPANK Oozy Trail 345 BeadBite Rim Micro-Peen Black 27.5" 32H
SI-RO61 SPANK Oozy Trail 345 BeadBite Rim Micro-Peen Red 27.5" 32H
SI-RO62 SPANK Oozy Trail 345 BeadBite Rim Micro-Peen Blue 27.5" 32H