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DT Swiss - RR 511 Road Rim


Product Details


Anyone wanting to build a reliable super-stiff wheel is starting in the right place with the RR 511. Thanks to a state-of-the-art alloy and surface treatment, this extremely robust 32 mm high semi-aero rim is lighter than you would think. And those thinking of using it on Gravel or Cyclo Cross courses can easily install tubeless tires.

  • Material ALUMINIUM
  • Net weight 530 g

  • Rim height 32 mm

  • Rim diameter 622 mm (29" / 700C)

  • Inner width 18 mm

  • Reference diameter ERD 581 mm

  • Decal type Vinyl

  • Number of holes 20 / 24 / 28 / 32

  • Bore type Non-Eyelet (PHR washer)

  • recommended system weight max. 130 kg

Code Description
SW-RM-RR511-20 DT SWISS RIM RR 511 700c 18mm ID 20h (Inc Squorx Nipples/PHR Washers) (RDRR51RPN20S011416)
SW-RM-RR511-24 DT SWISS RIM RR 511 700c 18mm ID 24h (Inc Squorx Nipples/PHR Washers) (RDRR51RPN24S011417)
SW-RM-RR511-32 DT SWISS RIM RR 511 700c 18mm ID 32h (Inc Squorx Nipples/PHR Washers) (RDRR51RPN32S011419)
SW-RM-RR511-28 DT SWISS RIM RR 511 700c 18mm ID 28h (Inc Squorx Nipples/PHR Washers) (RDRR51RPN28S011418)