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Race Face - Indy Knee 2023

Knee Pads

Product Details


All-Mountain protection – Race Face took their popular and proven Indy knee pad and made improvements to increase comfort and stability without sacrificing any breathability or proven D3O® LP1 foam impact protection. All so you can go ahead and attack the mountain, not the other way around.

  • Adjustment: Hook and loop upper calf strap
  • Construction: Pull-on sleeve design
  • Gripper: Silicone inner thigh and shin print
  • Lycra body fabric with abrasion resistant knee cover
  • Protection: D3O knee pad
  • Ventilation: Mesh back panel
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-2-XS Race Face Indy Knee-Loam-XS (RFAAINDYULOA01) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-XS Race Face Indy Knee-Stealth-XS (RFAAINDYUSTE01) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-2-XXL Race Face Indy Knee-Loam-XXL (RFAAINDYULOA06) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-S Race Face Indy Knee-Stealth-S (RFAAINDYUSTE02) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-M Race Face Indy Knee-Stealth-M (RFAAINDYUSTE03) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-L Race Face Indy Knee-Stealth-L (RFAAINDYUSTE04) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-XL Race Face Indy Knee-Stealth-XL (RFAAINDYUSTE05) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-XXL Race Face Indy Knee-Stealth-XXL (RFAAINDYUSTE06) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-2-S Race Face Indy Knee-Loam-S (RFAAINDYULOA02) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-2-M Race Face Indy Knee-Loam-M (RFAAINDYULOA03) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-2-L Race Face Indy Knee-Loam-L (RFAAINDYULOA04) $169.90 In stock
RF-AR-IN2-KNEE-2-XL Race Face Indy Knee-Loam-XL (RFAAINDYULOA05) $169.90 In stock