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Maxxis - 26" Ranchero


Product Details


The Ranchero's large volume and tightly spaced centre knobs make this tire ideal for hardtail racing. The shoulder lugs hook up well in turns, but stay out of the way in the straights to lower rolling resistance.

LUST, UST certified tubeless tyres, 15% lighter, better air retention, and increased sidewall puncture resistance.
Single ply, one layer of nylon Wrapped from bead to bead, a single ply tyre conforms well to the terrain and is lighter weight.
series, combines a 120 TPI casing and 62a compound to provide lightweight and exceptional traction, ideal for racing.
70a, long tread life and low rolling resistance.

Code Description
MM51 MAX 26 x 2.00 RANCHERO 70a 1PLY WIRE