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IXS Clothing - taking responsibility

one playground, nurture it.

Here at Marleen, we are keenly aware of the environmental impact of importing products into New Zealand. While cycling has many benefits for people and planet, getting the balance right when it comes to sourcing gear can be a challenge.

We endeavour to support and strive for higher standards of care and consideration when it comes to which brands and products we bring to Aotearoa. iXS is a brand that we celebrate as being aligned with our values.

We respect what they stand for and the steps they are taking to care for our playground, looking to them as a leader for how we wish to grow, too.  


iXS is a company that produces and sells high quality sports apparel and equipment. They aspire to continually improve and learn when it comes to environmental responsibility in how they conduct business. For them, sustainability is a product property, a lifestyle, a conviction, and above all a responsibility – not just in the area of raw materials, but also in connection with the procurement and processing of those materials, right through to the distribution of the finished product.


Below is a breakdown of the ways in which iXS walks the talk when it comes to material choice, environmental impact, workmanship, functionality, quality, product cycles and longevity:



iXS intentionally choose to not include any carbon fibre in their products. While they recognise the benefits of carbon fibre, iXS believe that it has a place in a very small niche of the bicycle sector and do not support the excessive application of this non-recyclable material in mass production. We at Marleen also think it’s important to use resources wisely and where justified.



iXS believes yarn-dyed textiles not only look and feel better but can last longer. That’s why they’ve stepped away from sublimation printing and welcomed the benefits that yarn-dyed fabrics offer - a softer touch, long-lasting colourfastness, and fibre properties and functions that aren’t altered as a result of the printing process.


The recycled fibres iXS uses are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging (bottles). These are collected, cleaned, ground, processed and then melted down to be spun into yarn. This results in a top-quality polyester textile, saving up to 50 percent of the energy used in the production process and about 50 percent of CO2 emissions compared with using virgin polyester. At Marleen we think that’s something to celebrate and support – turning waste products into useful items.


iXS have made a point to implement the use of organic cotton where they can within their collections. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified seeds. The process makes for cleaner air and water and improved soil biodiversity. The finished product can feel softer against the skin than conventional cotton. 


Ultra-Fresh inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for creating unpleasant smells. By controlling unwanted microbes, antibacterial additives help to keep products fresh, clean, and odour free. Reducing washing is another way to lower our environmental impact!


A multi-directional (4-Way) stretch made of a recycled polyester and elastane mix providing higher comfort and a better fit. Whoever says recycled materials are not the ultimate in comfort hasn’t yet tried the iXS collection against their skin! 


Products undertake detailed testing before going into production. Materials are tested in external laboratories following given standards and environmental requirements. These standards ensure longevity of your gear.



How to be responsible in what they do and how they do it is a fundamental question iXS ask themselves every day. 

In a world of overconsumption, devaluation, economic trade-offs and depleting natural resources, it is becoming more and more important to think and act responsibly. That’s why iXS are continuously evaluating how they can optimise the supply chain, monitor and mitigate sales and inventory, understand consumer behaviours, and ensure that at every step they are creating products which respect the values of sustainability -  so we all can enjoy our #iXSPLAYGROUND for generations to come.  

And we here at Marleen think that’s something worth supporting. 

So next time you buy some fresh kit, spare a thought for its impact. Will this last? Is it fast fashion that ends up in landfill after a few shreds? Let iXS do the hard yards for you - and invest in quality with a clearer conscience! 


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