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REVIEWED: NiteRider Lumina 2500


Rider: Dan Harrington
Date & Time of Ride: 24 of May 2022 1830hr 
Outside Temperature: 4°c 
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Trails: Uphill; Rapaki – Traverse. Downhill; Victoria Park 
Total Riding Time: 1hr 22min 
Time light spent at full boost (2500 Lumens): 28 minutes

NiteRider Light set up:

Bars: NiteRider Lumina 250 (to and from the trail and climbing) NiteRider Lumina Max 2500 (for traverse & descents)
Helmet: NiteRider Lumina 650 (for descending)  



As we rode off on a cold, still starry night from Moon Under Water (the great local craft beer pub where the ride was also set to end) the chill from the winter air wrapped itself around our yet to be warmed up bodies....

By the time we got to the trail head (10min ride form the pub) we were semi-warm...ish and ready to start the climb. As Rapaki is a nice wide 4wd trail, I was able to get away with just using the Lumina 250 for the climb.

With the 250 set to max, there was the right amount of light to get up this trail, (I would definitely reccomend something brighter for single track as well as a helmet light). But as I knew we were heading up the road between Rapaki and Traverse, the Lumina 250 was just perfect.

Once we arrived at the Traverse Track it was time to turn on the helmet light (Lumina 650) and the Lumina Max 2500. For this undulated single-track I only needed to run the Lumina 2500 on the medium setting (900 Lumens). This, paired with the helmet light set to its full 650 Lumen setting, gave me plenty of light to take me through to Vic Park.


Now it was time for the fun...

I set the 2500 all the way up to boost mode. The light offered a wide, bright light beam that threw enough light for me to feel confident to send any trail. Gap jumps and drops were no obstacle for this light.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the trail I turned the light down a couple of notches (didn’t want to blind any motorists on the ride back to the pub). The dual button set up on the light allowed me to easily adjust the lumen power on the fly.

Once back at the pub we were surrounded by the exciting sights and sounds of Beckenham Suburbia, the smell of the fresh night air merged with sweaty knee pads and hot chips, it was time to sit down next to a cosy heater and warm ourselves up with a Hazy, Fried Chicken Burger and Fries - delish.


  • Easy to mount to handlebar (no tools needed) and light can be removed with the push of a lever.
  • Wide angled beam from the light allows seeing full trail width.
  • Plethora of settings makes it a good option for all sorts of riding.
  • Ability to be able to pair to wireless remote.
  • Fast Charge Time.