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Ridden & Reviewed: iXS Carve Hip Hugger

Name/Rider: Fiona Glennie  
Role at Marleen: Pick Packer  

Favourite rides recently completed:

I spent Queen's Birthday weekend at Middle Hill MTB Park shooting images for the Mud Buster Enduro. The riding there is truly something special. The new trail ‘Stagosaurus' was opened just for the occasion and was one of the best trails I’ve found in Canterbury to date.  

When you're not riding or working you are:

I’m a part-time engineer student and keen photographer. I also loving building and fixing up bikes.

iXS Hip hugger shorts review:

Ride 1

Date & time of ride: 8am Thursday 9th of June
Outside temperature: 11˚ Chilly but cozy if you kept moving
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Trails: Upper Pedal Fine, Brake Free, Sesame Street, Dazzas, Brents, Bridges, Double Drop
Total riding time: 1:31:55 (because if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen;)
Total time wearing shorts: 2 hours

Ride 2

Date & time of ride(s): 2:20 Saturday 11th June
Outside temperature: 10˚, 55km/h winds
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Trails: Bowenvale Traverse, Mt Vernon, Witchhill, Greenwoods, Captain Thomas
Total riding time: 3:37:28
Total time wearing shorts: 8 hours

How were they to wear as an all-day short?

I spent most of Saturday in these. First doing jobs around the house and then out for a good pedal in the afternoon. They were super comfortable and are made from fabric that doesn’t create any noise when worn. I felt a little on the cool side in these though that was to be expected given the temperature.

What were they like to ride in?

On long rides, a standard waist band often gives me stomach discomfort and I end up opening the top buckle or simply running bib shorts. These were super comfortable and I barley noticed I was wearing them. I do say they felt more like sweatpants than baggies. These would work wonderfully on a gravel rig.
On techy trails they were nice and unrestrictive. I wore these with my iXS Carve Tech Tee which I adore. With a bust on the larger side, finding a shirt that fits well can be quite a challenge and the Carve Tech Tee does not disappoint.

Favourite feature of the shorts?

I was delighted that there was enough material, both in width and length, to stop them from riding up around the knee and leaving the dreaded 'Enduro Gap'. It’s a surprisingly hard feature to find in women's shorts.
I want add that I was a little between sizes but ended up sizing up. I found the waistband super comfy on both sizes and went for the medium as my knee pads are quite short.
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