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Trigger X - The new IXS Helmet, ridden & rated.


“As an avid mountain biker who has experienced a couple of serious concussions resulting in hospital visits, I take helmet safety seriously. When I had the opportunity to test out the new iXS Trigger X I was eager to compare it to my Leatt Enduro 3.0 (which I ride in half-shell configuration).

At first, the Trigger X didn’t feel like what I was accustomed to. However, after making some positioning adjustments using the fit system, it quickly became unnoticeable on my head. 

On the trail the Trigger X truly shines during rides. Its large vents allow excellent airflow, making climbs more pleasant compared to my usual helmet. The breeziness and ventilation impressed me. The half-shell style of the Trigger X provides superior security, especially during descents. Not only does it offer extended coverage for added safety, but the extra side protection ensures a snug fit without unwanted movement. This lack of distraction allows riders to focus solely on the trail ahead. Overall, the experience left me me wanting to make this helmet a permanent addition to my gear.

While I haven’t personally tested the Trigger X’s safety features in a real-world crash, the additional coverage gives me confidence.

If you’re an enthusiast who enjoys climbs as much as technical descents, keep an eye out for the Trigger X when it becomes available for purchase later this year.”

Adam Wright is the Marleen Product Champion for a range of our key brands.      



AND, For those after a juiced-up AI FANTASY tale of the above... read on.

Sports Gear Review: iXS Trigger X Helmet

Gather 'round, fellow thrill-seekers and adrenaline aficionados! Today, I’m about to whisk you away on a whimsical journey through the enchanted forest of mountain biking gear. Buckle up your imagination belts, because we’re diving headfirst into the fantastical world of the iXS Trigger X helmet!

Chapter 1: The Heroic Quest Begins Once upon a sun-kissed morning, our valiant reviewer—battle-scarred from a couple of epic concussions—stood at the crossroads of destiny. The signpost read, “Try the new iXS Trigger X and unlock the secrets of comfort and aerodynamic wizardry!” Our hero’s heart fluttered like a startled butterfly.

Chapter 2: The Curious Encounter The Trigger X, my dear readers, was no ordinary helmet. It was like a snug hug from a cloud, if clouds were made of marshmallow fluff and whispered sweet nothings. At first, it squirmed a tad on our hero’s noble noggin, but fear not! A mystical fit system adjustment transported our reviewer to a land of headwear nirvana. 

Chapter 3: Riding the Winds of Change Picture this: Our intrepid biker atop a majestic hill, wind tousling their hair (and helmet). The Trigger X’s secret weapon? Gigantic vents that channeled zephyrs with the finesse of a fairy ballet. As they climbed, the breeze danced through those vents, leaving our hero feeling lighter than a unicorn’s giggle. 

Chapter 4: Descending into Destiny Ah, the descent—the heart-pounding crescendo of any mountain biking symphony! The Trigger X, dear friends, was no mere accessory. Nay, it was a steadfast companion, like a loyal griffin perched upon our hero’s cranium. Side protection? Oh, it clung like a devoted koala, ensuring no distractions—only focus on the treacherous trail ahead! 

Chapter 5: Safety Spells and Real-World Enigmas The half-shell magic of the Trigger X enveloped our hero in an invisible shield. Extra coverage? More like an enchanted force field! As for real-world testing, well, let’s just say our reviewer preferred to keep their bones intact. 

Epilogue: A Quest Worth Embarking Upon Dear wanderers of the singletrack, mark my words: When the moon aligns with the stars (or maybe just when the Trigger X hits the shelves), seek it out! If your heart yearns for climbing trails and hurtling down like a comet, this helmet shall be your trusty steed.