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Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch - Drive Unit Parts & Cables Gen 2


Product Details


A large variety of drive unit parts and cables is available. Please see the part numbers and their descriptions listed below.

Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
BOS-1270014024 Bosch O-Ring (Gen 2) $3.50 In stock
BOS-1270016431 Bosch Fixing Screw for Cable Protector (Gen 2) $3.50 In stock
BOS-1270014033 Bosch Damping Films, 2 Pcs (Gen 2) $6.80 In stock
BOS-1270015539 Bosch Set of Blanking Plugs for Light Connections $7.00 Enquire Now
BOS-1270020449 Bosch Blanking Plugs Kit (2x Lighting, all drive units, 1x Power port) $8.70 In stock
BOS-0275007375 Bosch Drive Unit Mounting Bolt Kit (Gen 2, Gen 3) $10.40 In stock
BOS-1270016428 Bosch Lock Ring (Gen 2) $14.00 In stock
BOS-1270014053 Bosch Bearing Grease Drive Unit $17.00 Enquire Now
BOS-1270020162 Bosch Service Kit Feltring (set of 5) $22.80 In stock
BOS-0275007380 Bosch Mounting plate service kit (GEN2 & GEN3) $26.40 In stock
BOS-1270015095 Bosch Cable Protector for Powder coated drive units (Gen 2) $35.30 In stock
BOS-1270020133 Bosch Bearing Protection Service Kit "Gen 2" $70.60 In stock