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Bosch - Drive Unit Parts & Cables


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A large variety of drive unit parts and cables is available. Please see the part numbers and their descriptions listed below.

Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
BOS-1270020807 Bosch Kit Clip Holder(1270016038) & Screw Suitable For Speed Sensor Slim $5.20 In stock
BOS-1270020449 Bosch Blanking Plugs Kit (2x Lighting, all drive units, 1x Power port) $8.70 In stock
BOS-1270015931 Bosch Spoke Magnet $17.60 ETA 29 June 2024
BOS-1270015728 Bosch 6-bolt magnet, (for speed sensor slim) $17.60 In stock
BOS-1270015727 Bosch Centrelock magnet, (for speed sensor slim) $17.60 In stock
BOS-1270014037 Bosch Drive Unit Mounting Plate, incl. 2 dampening films $17.60 In stock
BOS-1270020322 Bosch Light Cable for Headlight 1400mm $22.80 In stock
BOS-1270020324 Bosch Light Cable for Rear Light 1400mm $22.80 In stock
BOS-1270016532 Bosch Power Supply Cable 3rd Party Component 1400mm $22.80 In stock
BOS-1270020802 Bosch Speed Sensor Cable 415mm $45.80 In stock
BOS-1270020800 Bosch Speed Sensor Cable 615mm $45.80 In stock
BOS-1270020803 Bosch Speed Sensor Cable 815 mm $45.80 In stock
BOS-1270020806 Bosch Speed Sensor Assembly, DU Wheel 800 slim $45.80 In stock
BOS-1270020801 Bosch Speed Sensor Cable 1200mm $52.90 In stock
BOS-1270020804 Bosch Speed Sensor Cable 1,610 mm $52.90 In stock