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About SR Suntour

Since 1988, SR Suntrour have stuck to a policy of respect for the earth's environment and a commitment to high quality, creativity and service. They develop and manufacture many unique items for various segments of the bicycle market. Their passion, time, thoughts and energy, are all dedicated to biking. Devotion to improving riding is their inspiration. Producing affordable and innovative products for their customers is their business. Their innovative ideas and impulses will keep on changing the biking world for decades to come.


The high-end products that SR Suntour produce, have features based on melt-forged. This particular technology is called 'Accurad forging' (AC4C). It has become an indispensable method which combines the benefits of casting and forging technology. The unique aluminium casting technology was adopted first for handlebars and stems but has since extended to seat pillars, cranksets, hubs and suspension forks.

Since the beginning of the production they have accumulated over 40 years of research and experiences and are more keen than ever to continue investing time and know-how into casting and processing technology research as well as assembly technology.


With over 25 years of product development and research, SR Suntour are manufacturers of exceptional products. Combined with a lower price tag whether your looking for a fork for a repair or just want an upgrade, they really do have something to suit your budget, making them an exceptional option.