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Race Face - Turbine 2x 104/64 BCD


Product Details


Rings are CNC machined from 7075 alloy, creating a ring with instantaneous smooth and quiet shifting, even under load. These 2x rings are super stiff at a minimal weight, resulting in a ring that demonstrates sharp and quick shifts while being highly resistant to impacts.

  • Available in: 104/64 BCD (24/34, 26/36, 28/38), 104 BCD (34, 36, 38), 64 BCD (24, 26, 24)
  • Fits: 10/11speed
  • Built for: XC/Trail/AM
  • Size: 104/64 BCD, 104 BCD, 64 BCD
Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
RF-CR-T11-64-24T RF CHAINRING TURBINE 10/11SPD 64X24 BLACK (RRT1164X24BLK) $69.90 In stock
RF-CR-T11-64-26T RF CHAINRING TURBINE 10/11SPD 64X26 BLACK (RRT1164X26BLK) $69.90 ETA 16 September 2024
RF-CR-T11-104-34T RF CHAINRING TURBINE 10/11SPD 104X34 BLACK (RRT11104X34BLK) $114.90 In stock
RF-CR-T11-104-36T RF CHAINRING TURBINE 10/11SPD 104X36 BLACK (RRT11104X36BLK) $114.90 In stock
RF-CR-T11-104-38T RF CHAINRING TURBINE 10/11SPD 104X38 BLACK (RRT11104X38BLK) $114.90 In stock
RF-CR-T11-26/36T RF CHAINRING SET 10/11SPD 26/36 104BCD TURBINE BLACK (RRTUR2JBLK) $194.90 In stock
RF-CR-T11-24/34T RF CHAINRING SET 10/11SPD 24/34 104BCD TURBINE BLACK (RRTUR2HBLK) $194.90 In stock
RF-CR-T11-28/38T RF CHAINRING SET 10/11SPD 28/38 104BCD TURBINE BLACK (RRTUR2KBLK) $194.90 In stock