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Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch - Dual Battery Set Up - Orbea

eBike Batteries & Parts System 2

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These are the Bosch parts to set up a (compatible) Orbea bike with a dual battery system.

Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
BOS-1270016710 Bosch Protective Cap for Charging Socket $3.50 In stock
BOS-0275007426 Bosch Frame Mount Power Pack Holder Mounting Kit $26.40 In stock
BOS-0275007425 Bosch Frame Mount Battery Holder Kit $52.90 ETA 29 June 2024
BOS-1270020605 Bosch Plastic Housing Kit for Lock $52.90 In stock
BOS-0275007930 Bosch Dual Battery Adapter Kit $70.60 ETA 29 June 2024
BOS-1270015067 Bosch PowerPack frame Cable 310mm $70.60 In stock
BOS-0275007512 Bosch PowerPack Frame 400 Anthracite (Performance) $1019.00 In stock
BOS-0275007530 Bosch PowerPack Frame 500 Anthracite (Performance) $1257.00 In stock