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DT Swiss - Axles


Product Details


  • This axle is found in 2011+ 240, 350, 370 and 440 rear hubs
  • It can be used to replace pre-2010 axles that do not allow for 12mm Thru Axles
  • Compatible with 135mm QR, 135mm x 10mm Thru Bolt, 135mm x 12mm Thru Axle and 142mm x 12mmThru Axle (end caps may be needed for conversion as well) 148mm x 12mm
Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
SW-PT-HB-112 DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 100mm, 10/55.1mm PAWL/RACHET (HRCXXX00N4558S) $29.99 In stock
SW-PT-HB-167 DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 148mm 15/48.2mm FOR 12mm THRU AXLE (HCCXXX00N6645S) $49.95 In stock
SW-PT-HB-076 DT STEEL REAR AXLE 135MM FITS DISC AND IS DISC 340 (HCCXXX00S1207S) $52.95 Out of stock
SW-PT-HB-170 DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 148mm 15/48.2mm FOR 240/350/370 BOOST HUBS (HCCXXX00S6450S) $59.95 In stock
SW-PT-HB-092 DT AXLE 135 x 10mm Q/R 40.6mm 340 DISC BRAKE CL (HCCXXX00S1619S) $61.17 Out of stock
SW-PT-HB-178B DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 110mm 17/68.3mm (HRCXXX00N2674S) $64.95 In stock
SW-PT-HB-178 DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 100mm 15/58.3mm (HRCXXX00N6282S) $64.95 In stock
SW-PT-HB-178A DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 110mm 18/64.3mm (HRCXXX00N6451S) $64.95 In stock
SW-PT-HB-001 DT Axle Aluminum to fit 130mm,135mm and 142mm 240/350/440 hubs (12mm ID) (HCCXXX00S2216S) $69.95 Out of stock
SW-PT-HB-211 DT RW AXLE AL 142MM $69.95 Out of stock
SW-PT-HB-110 DT AXLE ALUMINIUM 150mm 15/57.1mm FOR 12mm THRU AXLE 240/350 (HCCXXX00S2399S) $79.00 Out of stock