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Park Tool - K-QTH-1 - Quick Change Bit Driver Set

General Purpose Tools

Product Details


The QTH-1 is an ergonomic T-handled bit driver equipped with eight common bits to fit a wide variety of fasteners and fittings found on bicycles. The magnetic "quick-change" handle allows for one-handed operation and makes changing bits quick and easy. The bit holder can be magnetically attached to any magnetic surface such as a repair stand or tool box, or can be permanently mounted to any wall or tool board. The QTH-1 is a professional-grade tool built to withstand the rigors of daily shop use, and is fully rebuildable.

Includes the following magnetic 1/4" bits:

  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm hex
  • T25 Torx®-compatible
  • #2 Philips cross tip
  • Bit holder includes empty spaces for 2 extra bits
Code Description
K-QTH-1 Park Tool Quick Change Bit Driver Set
K-2916 Park Tool 6MM HEX BIT (1 ) - QTH-1
K-2918 Park Tool 2MM HEX BIT (1 ) - QTH-1
K-2917 Park Tool 2.5MM HEX BIT (1 ) - QTH-1
K-2919 Park Tool #2 PHILLIPS BIT - QTH-1
K-2211 Park Tool 5MM HEX BIT - ATD-1.2 PTD QTH-1
K-2212 Park Tool T25 BIT - ATD-1.2 PTD QTH-1
K-2209 Park Tool 3MM HEX BIT - ATD-1.2 PTD-1 QTH-1
K-2210 Park Tool 4MM HEX BIT - ATD-1.2 PTD QTH-1