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Park Tool

Park Tool - PRS-33/33.2 Power Lift Shop Stand Spare Parts

Repair Stands & Accessories

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Small parts and accessories to keep your PRS-33/33.2 doing the heavy lifting.

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Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
K-732-2B PARK TOOL NYLOK INSERT LOCKNUT M3 - PRS-33, PRS-33.2 $1.90 In stock
K-1157-3 PARK SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREW M3 X 25 - CRP-2, PRS-33, PRS-33.2 $1.90 In stock
K-128B Park Tool HEIGHT ADJ. BOLT - PRS-3 OS, PRS-13, PRS-33 $4.90 In stock
K-2153 Park Tool PRS-33.2 CHAIN TENSIONER (24,25,26 ON PARTS DIAGRAM) $13.45 In stock
K-2147-NZPLUG Park Tool - 3 PIN PLUG FOR USE WITH PRS-33/33.2 POWER SUPPLY $16.00 In stock
K-470 Park Tool Oversize Machine Thread Hook with nuts $16.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1960 Park Tool Clamp Cover Set - For 100-3D, 100-5D, and 100-25D clamps $24.90 In stock
K-2104-2 PARK TOOL CHAIN RETAINER - PRS-33, PRS-33.2 $28.90 In stock
K-2149 Park Tool WIRING HARNESS WITH WIRING & SWITCHES - PRS-33 $46.90 In stock
K-2150 Park Tool PRS-33.2 CHAIN $48.90 In stock
K-2149.2 Park Tool WIRING HARNESS WITH WIRING & SWITCHES - PRS-33.2 $140.90 In stock
K-2149K Park Tool PRS-33 Electronics Upgrade Kit- (Converts PRS-33 controls to PRS-33.2 version) $234.90 In stock
K-PRS-33TT Park Tool Deluxe Tool and Work Tray - For PRS-33 and PRS-33.2 $284.90 In stock
K-2097A Park Tool POWER SUPPLY & CORD ASSY - PRS-33.2 $319.90 Enquire Now
K-100-3D Park Tool Professional Micro-Adjust Clamp - For PRS-2, PRS-3, PRS-4, and PRS-4W $399.90 In stock
K-135-33 Park Tool Base Plate - For PRS-33/33.2 $944.90 In stock
K-2135 Park Tool MOTOR - PRS-33 $1059.90 Enquire Now
K-PRS-33.2-AOK Park Tool Power Lift Shop Stand Add On Kit $2599.90 In stock