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Park Tool

Park Tool - Spare Parts For Park Tool Repair Stands

Repair Stands & Accessories

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Spare Parts for Park Tool repair stands listed in codes below.

Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
K-1257-2 Park Tool JAW SCREW 1/4 - 20 X 3/8 - 100-4X, 6X, 7X,15X, PRS-20, PRS-21, PRS-23 $2.90 In stock
K-1279X-4 Park Tool BUTTON HEAD CAP SCREW 1/4 - 20 X 5/8 - 100-4X,6X, BBT-9, WAG-5 $2.90 In stock
K-1556-4 Park Tool WASHER 1/4-9/16X.062 - BBT-9,CRP,DT-1/3/4,TS-8,100-7X,ES-1/2,PRS-22/22.2/33 $2.90 In stock
K-1679 Park Tool WASHER 12MM X 23MM X 1.5MM - PCS-9 $2.90 In stock
K-480-6 Park Tool HEX NUT 1/4 - 20 - ES-1/2, MLP-1.2, PCS-1/4, PRS-20/21, TS-2.2/4/8 $2.90 Enquire Now
K-1184 Park Tool E-CLIP 3/16" FOR CLAMP COVERS - PCS-9/10/11/12 $3.45 In stock
K-948 Park Tool 3/8 - 16 HEX JAM NUT - PRS-5 (pre-12/01) $3.45 In stock
K-1809X Park Tool REVISED CLAMP NYLON WASHER - 100-3D/5D/25D (post-1/11) $3.90 In stock
K-1262 Park Tool CAM LEVER SPRING - 100-4X, 100-6X, 100-15X $4.60 In stock
K-128B Park Tool HEIGHT ADJ. BOLT - PRS-3 OS, PRS-13, PRS-33 $4.90 In stock
K-116S Park Tool CAP SCREW 5/16 X 18 - PCS-4, PRS-2-5,13 $4.90 In stock
K-1964 Park Tool HANDLE SCREW - 100-3D/5D/25D, 100-7X $4.90 In stock
K-1706-2 Park Tool LARGE KNOB & SHAFT - PRS-20, PRS-21, PRS-23, ES-1, ES-2 $5.90 In stock
K-1965 Park Tool HANDLE SCREW CAP - 100-3D/5D/25D, 100-7X $5.90 In stock
K-1967 Park Tool CLAMP HANDLE KNOB - 100-3D/5D/25D, 100-7X $5.90 In stock
K-1968 Park Tool CLAMP KNOB SCREW 5/16 X 1/2 - 100-3D/5D/25D, 100-7X $5.90 In stock
K-937 Park Tool FRONT END CAP - PRS-5 $5.90 In stock
K-1803 Park Tool ROTATING JAW HEX BARREL - PCS-9/10/11/12 $6.45 In stock
K-1804 Park Tool MOVEABLE JAW HEX BARREL - PCS-9/10/11/12 $6.45 In stock
K-1788 Park Tool REVISED YOKE SLEEVE - PCS-10 (post-9/07) $6.90 In stock
K-179A Park Tool PLASTIC END CAP - PRS-3 OS,4 OS,13 $8.90 Enquire Now
K-1681 Park Tool SWING HANDLE - PCS-9 $8.90 In stock
K-1793 Park Tool TOP TUBE SWING HANDLE - PCS-10/11/12, OLD STYLE PRS-15 $8.90 In stock
K-1689 Park Tool YOKE SLEEVE - PCS-9 (pre-9/07) $9.52 In stock
K-119S Park Tool KNURLED NUT - PRS-2-7 $10.35 In stock
K-149 Park Tool TAPERED SLEEVE - PCS-1,2,4, PRS-5,6,7,15 $10.95 In stock
K-1683 Park Tool YOKE SLEEVE - PCS-9 (post-8/07) $11.90 In stock
K-1701 Park Tool URIGHT SLEEVE - PRS-20/21, ES-1, ES-2 $11.90 Enquire Now
K-190-2 Park Tool LEVELING END CAP (BLACK) - PCS-1,4 $12.90 Enquire Now
K-1961 Park Tool THREADED BARREL - 100-3D/5D/25D (pre-2/11) $14.90 In stock
K-1961X Park Tool REVISED THREADED BARREL - 100-3D/5D/25D (post-1/11) $14.90 In stock
K-1674 Park Tool CLAMP T-HANDLE WELDMENT - PCS-9 $14.90 In stock
K-938 Park Tool LEG ELBOW END CAP - PRS-5 $14.90 Enquire Now
K-2147-NZPLUG Park Tool - 3 PIN PLUG FOR USE WITH PRS-33/33.2 POWER SUPPLY $16.00 In stock
K-117S-1 Park Tool REVISED EYE BOLT - PCS-4, PRS-2-7 (#122S) $17.90 In stock
K-118S Park Tool ADJUSTING BARREL - PCS-4, PRS-2-7 $18.90 In stock
K-1808X Park Tool CLAMP HANDLE SPACER - ISC-4, 100-3D/5D/25D (post-1/11) $19.90 Enquire Now
K-1810 Park Tool CLAMP SCREW - PCS-10/11/12 $19.90 In stock
K-1966 Park Tool CLAMP HANDLE - 100-3D/5D/25D $19.95 In stock
K-947 Park Tool CENTER KNOB - PRS-5 (pre-12/01) $21.95 In stock
K-1259 Park Tool Clamp Cover Set - For 100-4X, 100-6X, 100-7X, and 100-15X clamps $24.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1686 Park Tool HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT CLAMP ASSEMBLY - PCS-9 $24.90 In stock
K-2808A Park Tool COLLAR ASSEMBLY - PC9.2 $24.90 In stock
K-1185K Park Tool Clamp Cover Set - For PCS-9, PCS-10, PCS-11, and PCS-12 clamps $24.90 Enquire Now
K-1680-2 Park Tool SWING HANDLE ASSEMBLY - PCS-9 $25.90 In stock
K-1456-10 Park Tool EXTENSION COLLAR QUICK RELEASE ASSY. - PCS-10 $27.90 Enquire Now
K-1711R Park Tool REVISED BOTTOM BRACKET SADDLE - PRS-20, PRS-21, PRS-23, PB-5 $29.90 Enquire Now
K-934 Park Tool LEG STRUT YOKE - PRS-5 $30.90 In stock
K-1951-15 Park Tool Clamp adaptor for PRS-15 $36.90 In stock
K-935 Park Tool CENTER YOKE - PRS-5 (pre-12/01) $38.90 Enquire Now
K-933 Park Tool LEG ELBOW JOINT - PRS-5 $40.90 In stock
K-1797 Park Tool STEEL UPRIGHT TUBE - PCS-10 (post-9/07) $44.90 In stock
K-1792W Park Tool STEEL EXTENSION TUBE - PCS-10 (post-9/07) $45.90 In stock
K-2149 Park Tool WIRING HARNESS WITH WIRING & SWITCHES - PRS-33 $46.90 In stock
K-122S Park Tool LINKAGE COMPLETE - PCS-4, PRS-2-7 $52.90 In stock
K-935R Park Tool REVISED CENTER YOKE - PRS-5 (post-12/01) $57.90 In stock
K-1796 Park Tool STEEL YOKE - PCS-10 (post-9/07) $64.95 In stock
K-195R Park Tool BENCH MT WELDMENT - PCS-2, PRS-7 $78.90 In stock
K-178-13 Park Tool EXTENSION FOR PRS-13 UP $94.95 In stock
K-180-2 Park Tool LOCK BLOCK ASSEMBLY (WITHOUT SPRING) $118.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-125A Park Tool TOP TUBE UPRIGHT - PRS-3 OS, PRS-13, PRS-3M $128.90 Enquire Now
K-182A.2 Park Tool BENCH SUPPORT - PRS-4.2 $149.90 In stock
K-1675 Park Tool CLAMP ASSEMBLY - PCS-9 $159.90 In stock
K-100-1C Park Tool SPRING LINKAGE CLAMP PCS1, 2 AFTER 6/96 $319.70 In stock
K-100-2C Park Tool SPRING LINKAGE CLAMP PCS-1, 2 PRE 6/96 $319.70 In stock
K-2097A Park Tool POWER SUPPLY & CORD ASSY - PRS-33.2 $319.90 Enquire Now
K-100-15X Park Tool EXTREME RANGE CLAMP - PRS-15 $379.95 In stock
K-100-6X Park Tool EXT RANGE CLAMP PCS-1,2,4, PRS-5,7 $439.00 In stock
K-2135 Park Tool MOTOR - PRS-33 $1059.90 Enquire Now