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Park Tool - Shop Inflator INF-2

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Built and designed for bicycles, the INF-2 utilizes a redesigned, more durable, dual-sided, 360º rotatable Presta and Schrader head. The INF-2 also sports a new, lighter weight body and a redesigned trigger to facilitate multiple hanging options. It features a built in pressure gauge (0–160 psi, 0–11 bars) with a protective gauge boot, and the body accepts any 3/8" NPT male threaded fitting. Built for everyday shop use and 100% rebuildable!


Here a helpful guide for apapting the INF-2 for use with your air system: Adapting the INF-2 for Use with Different Air Coupler… | Park Tool

Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
K-INF-2 Park Tool Shop Inflator $304.90 In stock
K-289 Park Tool BTN HD SOCKET CAP SCREW M6 X 12 - INF-1, SG-1/2/3, TS-7/7M $1.90 In stock
K-1576-2 Park Tool METRIC O-RING - INF-1/2 $2.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1574-2 Park Tool HANDLE SPACER - BDT-1, INF-1/2 $2.90 ETA 30 August 2024
K-1580 Park Tool BLEED VALVE BUTTON - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1581 Park Tool GAUGE RING - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1588 Park Tool SCHRADER SEAL - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1592 Park Tool O-RING AS568-110 - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1593 Park Tool PLAIN WASHER - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1594 Park Tool SKEWER SPRING - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1595 Park Tool O-RING AS568-104 - INF-1/2 $2.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1624-2 Park Tool O-RING AS568-006 - INF-1/2 $2.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1625-2 Park Tool O-RING AS568-007 - CCP-22, CCP-44, CWP-7, INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1626-2 Park Tool O-RING AS568-008 - DAG-1, DAG-2, INF-1/2 $2.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1628-2 Park Tool O-RING AS568-010 - INF-1/2 $2.90 In stock
K-1586 Park Tool PRESTA SEAL - INF-1/2 $3.90 In stock
K-1572 Park Tool 1/4" COUPLING PLUG - INF-1 $5.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1577 Park Tool BLEED VALVE POPPET - INF-1/2 $5.90 Enquire Now
K-1595K Park Tool TRIGGER SEAL KIT - INF-1/2 $8.90 In stock
K-1591 Park Tool SHRADER CAP - INF-1 $9.95 In stock
K-1581B Park Tool GAUGE PROTECTOR - INF-1/2 $10.90 In stock
K-1585.2 Park Tool PRESTA CAP - INF-2 $11.90 Enquire Now
K-1591.2 Park Tool SHRADER CAP - INF-2 $11.90 In stock
K-1583 Park Tool RETAINING RING - INF-1/2 $13.90 In stock
K-1586K Park Tool HEAD SEAL KIT - INF-1/2 $14.90 In stock
K-1575 Park Tool VALVE POPPET - INF-1 $16.45 In stock
K-1579 Park Tool BLEED VALVE BODY - INF-1/2 $16.90 In stock
K-1573.2 Park Tool TRIGGER - INF-2 $20.90 In stock
K-1584 Park Tool HEAD ADAPTER SHAFT - INF-1 $23.45 In stock
K-1064.2 Park Tool REV. PRESSURE GAUGE-INF-1/2 PFP-2-4 $27.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1590A Park Tool HEAD VALVE ASSEMBLY - INF-1/2 $34.90 ETA 16 September 2024
K-1587.2 Park Tool HEAD BODY - INF-2 $36.90 In stock
K-1587.2A Park Tool COMPLETE HEAD & SEAL ASSEMBLY - INF-2 $98.90 In stock