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BBB - AirBoost Floor Pump 2.0

Floor Pumps

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The steel barrel and foot of the AirBoost 2.0 gives you the power you need to pump your tires up easily and fast. The AirBoost is one of our best pumps due to the great balance between power, accuracy, and ease of use. The big gauge shows clearly and accurately the pressure in your tire to make sure you have always the exact right pressure in your tires. The AirBoost is available in three different color combinations to make sure there is always the one you like. Give your workshop a boost with the AirBoost!


  • Accurate 3 Inch pressure gauge with indicator displays both Bar and PSI
  • Steel barrel with strong and stable composite base
  • Ergonomic “boomerang” type handle, natural pumping position for increased pumping power
  • Dualhead 3.0 pumphead with thumblock lever
  • 90 cm high-pressure rubber hose
Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
E-BFP-2801 BBB 'AIRBOOST' FLOORPUMP BLACK (DualHead Valve) $79.90 In stock
E-BFP-2803 BBB 'AIRBOOST' FLOORPUMP RED (DualHead Valve) $79.90 In stock
E-BFP-2809 BBB 'AIRBOOST' FLOORPUMP YELLOW (DualHead Valve) $79.90 In stock