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About BBB

From the start of BBB Cycling one thing was key: high quality cycling products at a good price point. With that in mind BBB Cycling was founded in 1998 and in the meantime this is still one of the core values. What started as a brand with a modest amount of products of glasses and brake shoes, nowadays is a worldwide market leader with over 1500 products spread out over 40 different product categories and sold in 48 countries.


Over the past few years BBB have helped various professional riders to world titles and stage wins in one day classic races and the biggest stage races in the world. By sponsoring a World Tour teams and Pro Continental teams valuable feedback is received on the products. And it’s not only focussed on road racing. With the partnerships of Pro MTB Racing teams BBB are also getting high end information from the best off road riders in the world. Instead of only delivering products to the teams, BBB are working together to develop even better products than the season before. That’s why BBB prefer to see sponsoring as partnerships. As together with the teams the best high quality cycling accessories are created at a good price. In the end every cyclist with BBB product rides with material tested by the best riders of the peloton and the off road scene. Tested by the best, developed as the best.  


BBB are dedicated to bike parts, they design and create all their products with their own developers. They do their utmost to work every single day on new innovative and high quality cycling accessories for the hard core pro cyclist or the beginner. BBB Cycling developed itself as a market leader by thinking practical and listening carefully to feedback received. And of course, being passionate cyclists helps as well. That way BBB have collected nearly 100 awards from various different international and national magazines spread out over different product categories. BBB are best known for the range of glasses, helmets, pumps, brake shoes, tools, clothing and all sorts of clever solutions on the bike.