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About IXS

A big name in the world of motorbikes, iXS has now become one of the leading manufacturers of protective gear for mountain bikers. As a company, iXS work closely with a large number of athletes gathering information for research and development to further improve products and stay ahead of the game, as small details can make all the difference out on the trails. The result, protective gear that you can rely on whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional mountain biker.


Perhaps their most known and advanced technology, XMATTER™ is a flexible viscoelastic polymer that hardens on impact, a high-energy, impact absorbing, open cell slow rebound foam compound. It is found in the iXS Flow and Carve range as well as inside the iXS top full face helmet  - the XULT - where it is known as XRAIL™.


Each product is developed for no less than 2 years. All products go through rigorous impact and stress tests including chemical and flammable tests. After that, they are real-life ridden and tested before becoming ready for market. iXS helmets and protective gear are benchmarked to European EN, American CpSC and ASTM DH standards. iXS products are worn and trusted by some of the best mountain bike athletes on the globe.