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Your IXS Crash Replacement Policy 2023

iXS - Carve Full Finger Gloves

Full Finger

Product Details


Enjoy the ride in comfort with the Carve full finger gloves by iXS. With a pre-formed ergonomic fit and slip-on design as well as touch screen capability, the Carve combines both performance and convenience.

  • Slip-on design
  • Stretch
  • Abrasive palm
  • Pre-formed ergonomic fit
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Code Description RRP (Inc. GST) Availability
I-GL-9400-130-XXL iXS Carve Gloves graphite XXL $59.90 In stock
I-GL-9400-172-XXL iXS CARVE GlOVES OLIVE XXL $59.90 In stock
I-GL-9400-003-L IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK L $64.90 In stock
I-GL-9400-049-XXL iXS Carve gloves everglade XXL $64.90 In stock
I-GL-9400-049-XL iXS Carve gloves everglade XL $64.90 In stock
I-GL-9400-049-M iXS Carve gloves everglade M $64.90 In stock
I-GL-9400-062-M IXS CARVE GLOVES BURNT ORANGE M $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-050-XL IXS CARVE GLOVES OCEAN XL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-172-M IXS CARVE GLOVES OLIVE M $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-172-S IXS CARVE GLOVES OLIVE S $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-062-L IXS CARVE GLOVES BURNT ORANGE L $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-172-XL IXS CARVE GLOVES OLIVE XL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-050-S IXS CARVE GLOVES OCEAN S $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-021-XL IXS CARVE GLOVES RED XL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-062-S IXS CARVE GLOVES BURNT ORANGE S $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-021-XXL IXS CARVE GLOVES RED XXL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-003-S IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK S $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-003-M IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK M $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-032-XL IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK CAMO XL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-032-S IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK CAMO S $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-021-S IXS CARVE GLOVES RED S $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-021-L IXS CARVE GLOVES RED L $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-003-XXL IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK XXL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-003-XL IXS CARVE GLOVES BLACK XL $65.00 In stock
I-GL-9400-172-L IXS CARVE GLOVES OLIVE L $65.00 In stock