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About KMC

The foundation of KMC was initiated in 1977 with the purchase of several second-hand chain manufacturing machines by KMC founder, Charles Wu. At that time, it was the smallest chain manufacturer in the world, but with Charles' determination and professionalism coupled with superior manufacturing processes, KMC quickly became the market leader in chains now manufacturing chains for the largest bicycle companies in the world.


KMC insists on continuous innovation to achieve better performance, through such things as creating lighter and more durable products to meet the demand of the market. In pursuit of excellence, they respect the chain as one the most important components on the bicycle and perfect it as such.DLC (Diamond Like Coating): Comparable to the creation of diamonds in high temperatures, DLC attains sophisticated chain roller and pin hardness through a unique thermal treatment to create advanced “diamond” durability for reducing friction resistance.Ti-N (GOLD): Enhancing resistance to wear and friction. Less fiction is the central facet to drivetrain efficiency allowing for smoother shifting and interaction between drivetrain parts.Double X Bridge: Ensures the best shifting performance with its X shaped outer link plates.ECO PROTEQ: An almost rust proof coating that can withstand 650hrs of salt sea spray while staying friendly to the environment.


KMC is all about chains offering several models and styles of chains for all bicycle applications. They are designed to run smoother and last longer than other chains on the market thanks to their protective coatings and X Bridge shifting technology, making them the choice of many top riders throughout the world.