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About Norco

Norco Bicycles have been part of the bike industry since 1964. They are driven by a genuine passion for cycling in all its forms, and that passion is the foundation for everything they do. Bert Lewis founded Norco Bicycles with a simple vision: build better bikes. Norco were one of the first North American bike companies to deliver ten-speeds and helped lay the foundations for BMX, sponsoring their first factory team in 1981. They began mounting suspension forks to mountain bike frames before most people had even heard of the sport and worked with riders on Vancouver’s North Shore to help redefine it. From their humble beginnings operating out of a converted chicken coop in small-town B.C., they have grown into a global brand delivering more than 125 different models to cyclists worldwide. Norco are proud of the role they've played in helping to shape the industry and the sport over the past five decades.


Advanced Ride Technology, or A.R.T., is the direct link between engineering and experience. More than a single suspension platform, A.R.T. is a system that Norco optimise for each intended use. Norco’s engineering team strategically manipulates pivot locations to precision-tune suspension kinematics, ensuring that every full suspension bike will excel in the environment it was designed for. For downhill applications, Norco increase rearward axle path for a more controlled ride over gnarly, unpredictable terrain. For cross-country they increase pedaling efficiency and small bump compliance for a faster, smoother ride.

A.R.T. delivers four major benefits to riders: enhanced pedaling efficiency, increased square-edge bump compliance, improved braking performance and progressive suspension characteristics. These benefits are balanced in different proportions based on intended use, creating a ride experience unique to each model.Enhanced Pedaling Efficiency: A.R.T. is designed to effectively manage chain growth to create anti-squat forces that counteract the forces responsible for suspension bob. The result is an incredibly efficient pedaling platform, superior power transfer and unmatched climbing ability.Increased Square-Edge Bump Compliance: Rearward axle path describes the rear wheel’s trajectory as a bicycle moves through its travel. A.R.T. uses a pronounced rearward axle path that enables the wheel to travel both rearward and upward, up and out of the way of obstacles.Improved Braking Performance: A pronounced rearward axle path also allows a bike’s suspension to remain fully active when pressure is applied to the brakes. A.R.T. delivers powerful, predictable braking with fully active suspension and superior traction at all times.Progressive Suspension Characteristics: A.R.T. suspension uses a progressive leverage ratio curve, meaning that the forces required to engage the shock increase progressively as the shock moves through its travel. The first part of the stroke is very supple and effectively absorbs small to medium-sized impacts. Toward the end of the stroke, the shock becomes progressively stiffer, resulting in a ‘bottomless’ feel. To the rider, this progressive curve is experienced as consistent, predictable suspension at every point in the travel.


Norco live and breathe their promise to listen, innovate and ride, and are eager to continue delivering the very best ride experiences possible. Norco uses technology that is advanced and really second to none - their collection needs to be ridden to be believed!