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The Revbox, put quite simply, is the most advanced air braked trainer on the market. It is the trainer of choice for coaches, clinics, physios and elite cycling teams worldwide. Unlike other trainers - the Revbox erg has proven to maximise muscle use efficiency training you to pedal correctly, in perfect circles, gaining the maximum out of your training and strength building. Revbox really does need to be used to be believed. So if you want to see real results and increased efficiency in your training, join the movement and see for yourself why Revbox is fast becoming the worldwide trainer of choice.



The Revbox is fast becoming what it was always designed to be, the preferred trainer of choice for those wanting to;  Perfect muscle tone, strength and stamina. Engage & train all lower muscle groups evenly. Achieve more in less time with an efficient system. Lose fat, gain tone and become more fit. Train anywhere at any time. These benefits make it the easy choice when choosing a trainer.